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Join us for a meetup on why analytics is integral to our Growth strategy at Tilt

Tilt is very excited to partner with Interana for a Growth Hacking and Analytics meet-up at Tilt HQ on Thursday, March 10 at 5:30pm!

Join us with Interna’s co-founder, Lior Abraham, at Tilt’s headquarters with other product, growth, and data enthusiasts to learn and discuss innovative ways fast growing companies are using behavioral analytics to drive Growth.

During this meetup, we will share strategies for:

  • Increasing user acquisition,
  • Deepening engagement, and
  • Learning techniques to reduce churn.

You’ll get an inside view of what has and hasn’t worked at Tilt and other companies, which can help accelerate your growth initiatives.

If you haven’t already, RSVP here!

Why We Use Interana

We’re a super lean analytics team here at Tilt and truly believe that small teams make a big impact. We’ve got 2 analysts and a data engineer supporting a company of ~70 people. Our analytics team is burdened with requests and questions resulting in never-ending bottlenecks. So, in order to enable our PMs/Engineers to make decisions, we need great solutions that are both easy for everyone at Tilt to use and comprehensive enough to answer tough questions.

We’re really hoping to use Interana for three main things at Tilt:

  • Ad-hoc questions:

    • Allowing PMs to answer 90% of their questions (however complex they are) in a matter of minutes rather than asking us.
    • Setting up quick dashboards to monitor key trends/new products.
  • Funnels:

    • Do deeper funnel analysis of our core flows.
    • Funnel timing is something that’s generally tricky to do with other analytics tools. We want to start using Interana to get a sense of our user experience and investigate any potential bugs on our site.
  • A/B Testing:

    • Have begun including A/B testing data in our events, we want to start using Interana to measure the results of our tests.
    • Build out a suite of KPIs to measure for A/B tests in the future.

There are two general things that have impressed me the most about Interana. The first is the speed at which we can answer questions. Everything from the data processing speed to the simple UI allows me to get insights faster than any platform I’ve used before. The second is the comprehensiveness of the solution. I’m able to answer harder questions without needing to open up my SQL terminal (yes, it’s making me lazier now!) – also the Interana team is amazing. They are very helpful when I run into roadblocks and have hard questions.

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